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A NANIT robot is required for classes
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What is needed for online learning


Stable internet


Learning process

Training takes place with the Nanit STEM kit, which must be purchased in our store


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The kit is 30 modifications in one box. The set includes a hub, sensors, a block, and paper pictures.


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Qualified teachers

Our teachers have higher technical education at Ukrainian universities. Work experience in design bureaus.

Individual approach

Personal tasks according to the level.

Technical English

We study all technical terms in English.


Course program

Lesson 1
Basics of computer literacy
Lesson 2
TREASURE HUNTING game 1. Control of the character
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Benji Banans game 1. Realization of score and random spawning.
Lesson 5
Benji Banans 2 game. Defeat condition and realization of life points
Lesson 6
Game Space Ship 1. Controlling the character and shooting
Lesson 7
Game Space Ship 2. Creation of UFO enemies and encounters with missiles
Lesson 8
Beetle Shooting game 1. Creating a controlled sight and crawling beetles.
Lesson 9
Beetle Shooting Game 2. Changing images. Random speed change for bugs.
Lesson 10
Minecraft game 1. Realization of realistic bow shots. Interaction between sprat and mouse
Lesson 11
Minecraft 2 game. Implementation of interaction between arrows and enemies (pigs). Adding and changing shot and life counts
Lesson 12
Getting to know the ArduBlock block environment, RGB LED, light control
Lesson 13
Buzzer, creating sounds
Lesson 14
Light sensor, determination of the degree of illumination
Lesson 15
Sound sensor, determination of volume level
Lesson 16
Servo motor, changing the deflection angle
Lesson 17
Ultrasonic distance sensor, determining the distance to an object using ultrasound
Lesson 18
Gyro sensor, orientation in space
Lesson 19
Joystick, robot control
Lesson 20
Line sensor, distance determination using infrared radiation
Lesson 21
PIR sensor, detection of the presence of a living object
Lesson 22
Motor, studying the operation of DC motors
Lesson 23
Color sensor, color palette definition
Lesson 24
Night light, switching colors with sound, determining the degree of illumination of the space
Lesson 25
Yeti, changing the angle of inclination of the servo motor depending on the distance of the object
Lesson 26
Flying saucer, changing the sensitivity of the gyro sensor
Lesson 27
Dragon, change in rotation speed depending on the degree of illumination around
Lesson 28
Bat, the change in the sound emitted by the buzzer, depending on the distance of the object
Lesson 29
Barrier, changing the angle of inclination of the servo motor depending on the distance to the object
Lesson 30
Ghost, sound sensor sensitivity change and servo motor deviation degree

Open source programmable robot

Scratch and C through Arduino IDE, ESP IDE, Tinkercad.

A million-strong community of developers
Technologies originating from the Smart Home ecosystem
Best for creativity and prototyping
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