Top 10 world leaders in robotics in 2022

Top 10 world leaders in robotics in 2022


The use of robots in the modern world is multifaceted. For years, the world leader in robotics production – China, created assistants to perform tasks too complex for humans in industry and healthcare. On the other hand, other countries leading in the production of robots, such as Japan, Taiwan, USA – actively cover the fields of industry, construction, agriculture, trade, management, etc.

Although intelligent machines are ready to become part of our everyday life, and there are about 126 robots per 10,000 employees – we are not yet threatened with colonization by robots. Below are examples of world-leading companies that have large-scale success in robotics

Top 10 world leaders in robotics in 2022

Leadership is won by the strongest. And the one who has more funding and is in a technologically advanced environment

  1. China

The leading country in robotics production supplies more than 150,000 industrial robots. Robotics funding aims to increase the supply of robots in the country as part of the “Made in China 2025” strategy to increase revenues effectively. Other types of support include various programs, incentives, tax breaks, subsidies, etc.

  • The manufacturing company: Unitree Robotics 
  • What it makes: specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling high-performance quadruped robots. The company has outstanding leadership in developing core robot components, motion control, and perception. In addition, they have independently developed motors, gearboxes, controllers, and even some sensors for four-legged robots.

  1. South Korea

One of the leading robotics manufacturing countries in the world. After the end of the war with North Korea, it began to develop the industrial sector actively.

  • The manufacturing company: LG Electronics 
  • What it makes: tests control systems that will allow the production of kitchen appliances with virtually no human intervention. The first smart plant of LG Electronics will start operating here in 2023. It will use the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the Internet of Things, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence.
  1. Japan

A center of innovation focuses on developing and implementing robots for economic and social reasons. Japan has undergone both industrial and technological development since wartime. Currently, this country has many manufacturing units and immense benefits from the export of industrial robots.

  • The manufacturing company: Epson Robots 
  • What it makes: develops a line of high-precision, high-speed and compact robots. Currently, the company has more than 50,000 robots installed worldwide.

  1. Taiwan

It uses numerous resources to maximize the development of automation and RPA to expand its position in robotics. In addition, the government helps specific industries to solve current problems through centers and institutions.  

  • Manufacturing company: Techman Robot, Inc. 
  • What it makes: The world’s second-largest brand of robots that work alongside humans on manufacturing sites.
  1. USA

America manufactures and imports profitable, specialized, and affordable technological robots. In addition, the government of the USA focuses on funding robotics for innovative research and applications with the full support of various federal government agencies. 

  • The company-manufacturer: Intel
  • What it makes: It has vast experience creating robotic drones, mobile computers, and many other innovative gadgets using advanced technologies. For example, its associate company Intel Lab is currently working on “collaborative minibots” – tiny flying robots based on artificial intelligence that can fly to unknown places and collect valuable data. With this ability, they will likely be used for rescue and military missions.

  1. Canada

Progressive, popular, and very interested in the development of robotics country. Has one of the best contributions to such an advanced industry as Canadarm. It has stable and huge funding from the government, so it is also globally recognized as an innovator in the field of robotics. Nanit Robots plans to enter the Canadian market soon. Read more about the company’s plans here: /link/.

  • The manufacturing company: RIGID ROBOTICS 
  • What it makes: address the challenges of sustainability, cost, and safety in mining operations through innovative solutions using state-of-the-art advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. First and foremost, it is a mining technology company, which means that solutions are born in a mining context and designed with the industry in mind.
  1. Germany

Pragmatic and unbending Germany is focused on optimizing and redefining production speed without potential errors. This advanced robot country has leading research institutes and laboratories for innovative technologies. This approach is very familiar to the Ukrainian robotics market. For example: “House of Robots,” which Denis Skrypka and Vlad Kotov (Konovets) founded in Ukraine, has made 40 robotics schools for children and adults. 

  • The manufacturing company: Kuka 
  • What it makes: creates industrial robots and solutions for production automation. The company developed its first industrial robot in 1973. Its robots are used, in particular, in the automotive, plastics, metalworking, and electronics industries.

  1. Italy

A leading manufacturer of robots in several areas: industrial, manufacturing, cosmetics, and textiles. Italy has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. But funding for automation and robotics has significantly boosted robotics in the country. As a result, Italy is the second largest industrial robot user in Europe.  

  • The manufacturing company: Comau 

What it makes: With more than 30 years of experience, Comau Robotics manufactures robots and offers robotics-related solutions. Comau robots are used for spot welding, arc welding, press shop automation, injection molding, handling/palletizing, sealing/gluing, plastics processing, and remote laser welding.
Провідний виробник роботів одразу в декількох напрямках: промисловому, виробничому, косметичному та текстильному. Італія була спустошена пандемією COVID-19. Але фінансування автоматизації та робототехніки дало величезний поштовх роботизації в країні. Італія відома як другий за величиною користувач промислових роботів в Європі.  

  1. Sweden

The robotics industry in Sweden focuses on the RPA industry with the integration of artificial intelligence and RPA in robots. Also, they disassemble customized robots according to the needs and wishes of customers in the current market trend.

  • The manufacturing company: Stäubli 
  • What it makes: it specializes in producing textile equipment, connectors, and robotics. In addition, the company manufactures Scara robots, 4-axis robots, 6-axis robots, and other types of robots for industrial automation. Stäubli robots are used in plastics, electronics, photovoltaics, life sciences, and many other industries.

  1. Denmark

Has a significant RPA base with first-class manufacturers and opportunities for academic research and development. Robots in the country help to work closely with end users, drone suppliers, and many others. 

  • The manufacturing company: Mobile Industrial Robots
  • What it makes: it offers a new generation of mobile collaborative robotics that can work alongside humans. The most crucial component is SICK technology, which ensures safe operation using laser sensors and PLC systems. In addition, thanks to the new module MOC, we expanded the possibilities of using mobile robots. As a result, they have become more high-speed while maintaining a high level of safety.”


Investments in robotics are the guarantor of a stable ecosystem of human-machine work, which in turn helps to increase revenues. In 2025, the global robotics market is expected to reach USD 275 billion. Ukraine also needs to catch up to the innovative ideas of the leading countries in robotics. And it is rapidly gaining development by participating in international conferences, receiving grants, and coming up with more and more new ideas for robotics development in Ukraine! 

Top 10 world leaders in robotics in 2022


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