Security systems
and drones

Course for beginners. Teaches how to build and maintain home security systems and ground drone platforms.

  • This DUAL-USE course is designed to most effectively teach the basics of electronics, automation and programming on Nanit platforms (ESP & ARDUINO) using the C/C++ language.
  • At the end of the training, you will be able to assemble and repair drones yourself.

Lessons take place on the Nanit Ground Drone KIT
Video lessons
Start of the course:
20th of each month
Full course
is 30 classes
Certificate after
the course graduation

What are the advantages of becoming a professional in the field of "Security systems and drones"


The IT market is constantly growing! Embedded developer is one of the most sought-after and highly paid professions in the IT field.

High salaries in

Opportunities for career and financial growth are practically unlimited. It is also possible to relocate to another country.

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How to start studying

Learning takes place with the Nanit Ground Drone KIT


Leave an application

You leave an online application on the website and wait for a call


Choose the course format

Online training or video lessons


Pay for the course and KIT

You pay for the course and the Nanit kit in a convenient way for you


Learn electronics

You learn and slowly begin to conquer the world

We reveal your potential

The learning process is

interesting and exciting

We teach from scratch, knowledge of programming language and sensors is not necessary!

The goal of the project is to give military personnel the knowledge and skills that will facilitate their work  and in employment in the post-war period.

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What will the student who completes the course receive


You will learn C++ programming


We study all technical terms in English


You will learn circuit engineering, electronics, process control through a mobile application, how to connect and configure it all

Ground Drone System

You will learn the basic principles of the ground drone system, how to control them

Пакети навчання


7999 грн

20 відео-уроків

Онлайн підтримка тренера

2 практичні майстер-класи

Навчальний набір електроніки

Сервісна гарантія набору - 1 місяць

Доступ до навчальних матеріалів - 8 місяців


15500 грн

30 групових занять з тренером

30 відео-уроків

Онлайн підтримка тренера

2 практичні майстер-класи

Сервісна гарантія набору - 3 місяці

Отримання сертифікату

Доступ до навчальних матеріалів - 12 місяців


18500 грн

40 групових занять з тренером

40 відео-уроків

Онлайн підтримка тренера

Навчальний набір електроніки

Сервісна гарантія набору - 6 місяців

Отримання сертифікату

Створення власної електроніки

Доступ до навчальних матеріалів - 24 місяці

Our students are delighted with the "Ground Drone" course


I don't want to waste time while I'm getting treatment from my injury. Until I can run with a machine gun - I will solder!

Military with the call sign "Rahuba"

Learning with Nanit Robot is

Nanit Ground Drone KIT

Age: 18+

Robot programming

Knowledge of coding, engineering

Learning the C/C++ programming language

The level is a programmable robot


Learning principles

Learning takes place with the Nanit Ground Drone KIT



About taking a course that will confirm the level of knowledge that will help you in getting a job



Our teachers have higher technical education at universities in the USA and Ukraine. Work experience in design bureaus.



You pay for the course and the Nanit kit in a convenient way for you

Students' feedback about the course

"Security systems and drones" course program

Lesson 1
Introduction to Nanit Pro board, Arduino and IDE. Datasheet
Lesson 2
C++ language. Basics, functions, variables, programming the first program in the IDE.
Lesson 3
Unpinning of adapters. Analog and digital ports. Creating a traffic light.
Lesson 4
Piezoelectric emitter. Buzzer, creating your own ringtone.
Lesson 5
Buttons, a potentiometer, creating a piano.
Lesson 6
PWM. RGB LED and Buzzer.
Lesson 7
PWM. Servo motor.
Lesson 8
Interruptions. Sound sensor. Switching the light by clapping.
Lesson 9
Interruptions. PIR infrared motion sensor
Lesson 10
ADCs. Carbon monoxide sensor MQ-7.
Lesson 11
Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11
Lesson 12
Ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04
Lesson 13
Matrix keyboard.
Lesson 14
Obstacle sensor.
Lesson 15
Intermediate test, repetition of the studied material and analysis of the test.
Lesson 16
DC motor.
Lesson 17
External driver of the engine of the PS.
Lesson 18
Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Navigation and stabilization.
Lesson 19
PIR sensor, photoresistor and servo motor. Dropping a grenade at night. Part 1
Lesson 20
PIR sensor, photoresistor and servo motor. Dropping a grenade at night. Part 2
Lesson 21
Algorithm of autonomous drone movement.
Lesson 22
Gas safety system: CO2 sensor and piezo element.
Lesson 23
Built-in screen Nanit. Part 1: Learning symbols. Humidity and CO2 value output.
Lesson 24
Built-in screen Nanit. Part 2: Derivation of Illuminance and Temperature values.
Lesson 25
Creating alarms at night: PIR, RGB, Buzzer, photoresistor. Part 1
Lesson 26
Creating alarms at night: PIR, RGB, Buzzer, photoresistor. Part 2
Lesson 27
Assembling a ground drone. Compilation of the drone scheme.
Lesson 28
Assembling a ground drone. Compilation of an algorithm for a drone.
Lesson 29
Wi-Fi module. Introduction Connecting Witty-cloud to Nanit. Starting the server.
Lesson 30
Wi-Fi module. Setting up and testing the server.

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